Body Maintenance for Lazy Times (aka Active TV watching)

You’ve come home from work, had a spot of dinner, and have parked yourself on the sofa for a few hours of mindless TV before bed.  Excellent! Rather than just switch off, why not do a little bit of healthy bodywork?  Here are eight cool things you can do to make the most of your lazy time.

1. Sit on the ground – Pick a position – squat, kneel, half kneel, cross-legged – and sit in it as long as you’re comfortable.  Then change to another position.  Don’t stress yourself out about how long you hold each position.  Just have fun with it.

2. Joint Rotations – Super important for overall health and wellbeing.  Here’s a good video to get you started.  Pick 5-10 and do them every day.  Try some new ones every few weeks.

3. Stretch your hands and fingers – In front of our faces for most of the day but rarely stretched!  Your digits will thank you for it :).

4. Forearm Fascial Release – Most people with desk-based jobs develop chronic tightness in their finger flexors and carpel tunnels.  Good to give them some fascial release.  Great follow-on to #3.  Press your thumb into your forearm and gently clench and unclench your fist a few times.  Move the thumb to another spot.  Work the top and bottom edges by holding your forearm in a pincher grip.p3 p2

5. Foot Stretch – Good to do once a week for healthy feet.

6. Roll Calves and Soles of Feet – All you need is a small stick/broom handle between 23-28 mm wide (15/16 to 1 1/16 inch). It’ll definitely wake you up!

7. Work on Toe Point – Great follow-up to #5 and #6.  Very important if you’re into handstands and other gymnasticky stuff.

8. Foam Roller/Lacrosse ball  Fascial Release – Spend time on your tight bits. 🙂



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